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Big Shot Soda- 6 Pack

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Try one of the New Orleans favorites (pineapple, fruit punch, orange, creme soda, strawberry) and see what it feels like to be a Big Shot. For another Louisiana soft drink, try Abita Root Beer.
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Product Description: 6-12oz cans

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New Orleans' Own Big Shot Soda is known throughout the city by the Big Shot caricature in a suit wearing a fedora and smoking a cigar.
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Oh how I have pined away for this soda!
Reviewed by Meg From on 6/26/2012
It has been since 2008 that I was in NOLA, but I never forgot how lovely it was to have Pineapple soda. This is like ambrosia, it's so good. The stuff ought to be sanctified. Well, maybe that is a little extreme, BUT, you will not find a better indulgence in the soft-drink world, and the nostalgia makes it even better. Drink it over ice. You'll love it.
I love me some Big Shot.
Reviewed by Nia-Christina From on 6/26/2012
I remember the good times I had in New Orleans, just sitting back with my friends drinking a Big Shot, well now I live in Texas, due to obvious reasons... Texas may be bigger but New Orleans is better because we have Big Shot.

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