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Rex Chow Chow

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Chow Chow is a condiment primarily made of mustard, cabbage, and an assortment of other vegetables. Chow Chow is derived from the French word for cabbage 'chou'. Rex's Chow Chow is a wonderful condiment found mainly in the New Orleans and Acadian areas of Louisiana. Chow Chow is a wonderful condiment to spread on a po-boy or any other sandwich.
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In 1888, a company originally named New Orleans Import Company was established as a spice importing company. The spices were destined for the kitchens of New Orleans and the world's most demanding chefs so the ingredients had to be special. The New Orleans Import Company later changed its name after the arrival of the Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff of Russia to New Orleans. Thus the King of Spices,Rex Fine Foods, Inc. was born. Rex Foods remains in New Orleans, LA today and produces a variety of products including: spice blends, sauces, mustards, fry mixes, and shrimp/crab boil.
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Rex Chow Chow
Reviewed by Robert Gray From South Carolina on 8/16/2013
Here in South Carolina, Chow Chow is usually a sweet and vinegary pickell of Cabbage, Green Tomato, and Cucumber, With Spices of course. Imagine my surprise when I bit into a spoon full of Rex Chow Chow. It isn't sweet at all. It is a wonderful, robust concoction of mustard and whatever other good stuff they put in there. I ate a bunch of it right out of the jar, but it is the best thing I have ever put on a hotdog. if you like Hotdogs, and you like mustard on your dog, you have to try this. I promise, you'll love it.
Chow Chow Review
Reviewed by Drucilla Martin From on 6/26/2012
We actually like this on hot dogs. Very good.
The Best!
Reviewed by Betty From on 6/26/2012
This mustard is GREAT! It is great on multiple items such as: sandwiches, brats, spam, ham, fried potatoes & etc. My husband & I could just eat it out of the jar :-)

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