Reising's/Leidenheimer Twin French Bread

Reising's/Leidenheimer Twin French Bread

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What distinguishes a good po-boy in New Orleans is the French Bread that is used. The crusty outside combined with the light and airy inside make Reising's French Bread one of the best New Orleans has to offer. You can now make your own New Orleans style po-boy with some of the best French Bread outside of France. Try Reisings Twin French Bread today at Each order comes with two short French Bread loaves (15-18 inches long per loaf).

**Bread must be prepared immediately upon delivery or frozen until ready for use.**

George Leidenheimer came to New Orleans from Deidesheim, Germany, and founded the bakery that bears his name in 1896. The bakery was located on Dryades Street, but in 1904 it moved to the handsome brick building on Simon Bolivar Avenue where Leidenheimer's descendants still operate the family business. Originally Leidenheimer baked the heavy, dense brown breads of his native Germany but it was by producing New Orleans French bread, with its crisp crust, that Leidenheimer found fame. Leidenheimer bread is still unique because over a century later it continues to be made using the same time-honored process. Leidenheimer French Bread is great for making your own New Orleans po-boy. The Reising brand is now owned by the Leidenheimer Baking Company of New Orleans, LA.

History of the Po-boy

There are several stories of how the po-boy originated. However, one story is told more than others. In 1929, Benjamin and Clovis Martin were the owners of a French Quarter restaurant. At the time, there was a transit strike and the two brothers felt bad for these poor boys. So at the end of the day these poor boys could go to the back of the Martin restaurant and buy a sandwich made of leftover bits of roast beef and gravy or sliced potatoes and gravy on French bread for a nickel. Before long, the sandwich became known as the "po-boy", and the fillings have evolved into anything imaginable.

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