Old Soul Pickles - Pickled Zucchini & Squash

Old Soul Pickles - Pickled Zucchini & Squash

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These crunchy pickled zucchini and squash are really something else. They're great in a salad or for a snack all by themselves!

As mother and daughter, weve been making things together since 1986. In our little kitchen, we fell in love with the old craft of home preserving, making pickles, all kinds of preserves, and decadent sauces. When our experiments received rave reviews from our family and friends, we came to the realization that our products were something to be shared.

After years of small, but important successes, we decided to turn our passion into a business. We love nothing more than to be busy in the kitchen whipping up a new creation, with the best measure of success being the smiles that our products bring to our happy customers.

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