The Tess Kitchen- Bake at Home Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

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The Tess Kitchen is super excited to offer Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pucks nationwide! Woohoo!! Two different chocolates, three different salts, and a touch of extra virgin olive oil are just a few ingredients that make, in our humble opinion, the best cookie you’ll ever bake. These pucks come with a side of flaky sea salt to bring out your inner Salt Bae and sprinkle as you wish. Concerned about baking off (and being surrounded by) a dozen cookies? Just pull a couple of pucks from the freezer and save the rest for tomorrow night! Do you like your cookies fudgy or crispy? We included directions for both styles that you can make from the same dough! Happy baking!

Tess Mahoney and her fiancé fell in love with New Orleans over what was supposed to be a weekend trip. That weekend turned into a few weeks and before the couple had even secured jobs, they rushed back home, packed up their belongings and moved down to NOLA within a month of their initial visit. Tess grew up in a Sicilian-Irish household where meals and celebrations were the backbone of everyday life and Tess found a home within the tight-knit New Orleans culinary community that nurtures the same truth: food is love.

Prior to moving to New Orleans, Tess developed her palate and passion in many different facets of the food industry. She learned how to work the line at a Swedish restaurant in Long Island, woke up at 3 AM to make bread & croissants in the Hudson Valley, tried out TV production with a culinary internship on Iron Chef America, and baked her way through other sweet jobs along the way. This varied experience culminated in her dream job of directing the Research & Development team at Milk Bar in NYC where she perfected sugary cakes, pies, cookies, and soft-serve alongside Christina Tosi.

Upon moving to New Orleans, Tess started The Tess Kitchen to “test” the market to see what New Orleanians craved and couldn’t find. This niche just happened to be her bread-and-butter, American-style baked goods. Tess finds inspiration in classic childhood treats and makes them better than even your fondest memories. Whether that’s adding a sprinkle of sea salt to a chocolate chip cookie or a crown of hot fudge to a decadent pink layer cake, Tess makes craveable and familiar sweets that appeal to the inner child in all of us looking for sweet joy.

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