Elmer's Dark Chocolate Gold Brick Eggs

Elmer's Dark Chocolate Gold Brick Eggs

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 After one bite of Elmer's Dark Chocolate Gold Brick Eggs which contain rich dark chocolate, choice pecans, and creamy melt-a-way center, you will soon realize why this candy has been a favorite of New Orleanians for decades.

**Note: Elmer's Chocolates may come individually packaged. Also, upon ordering, customer assumes risk of heat damage to order.**

Elmer's Candy dates back to 1855, when Christopher Henry Miller used his experience as a pastry chef to open the Miller Candy Company in New Orleans. Miller's son-in-law, Augustus Elmer eventually joined the company and the name was changed to Elmer-Miller around the turn of the century. The next and final name change occurred in 1914, after Elmer's sons joined what is now known as Elmer Candy Company. Elmer's soon increased its national presence by adding several new factories and introducing a wide variety of confections and snacks. Two of the favorite treats created during this time were Heavenly Hash Eggs in 1923 and Gold Brick Eggs in 1936. Elmer's is now the second largest heart box manufacturer in the country. Easter favorites Gold Brick, Heavenly Hash and Pecan eggs outsell national leaders five to one along the Gulf Coast.

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