About Us


Unlike other websites that will just give you a general “About Us” page, we feel that you should know the owners of this site like you were shopping at your local grocery. I think everybody has memories of going to the grocery as a young child. For me, it was a weekly trip with my dad to our local Schwegmann’s in New Orleans and for my wife it was walking up the street to her local grocery, Champagne’s, in Erath, LA. NolaCajun.com hopes to bring some of those warm friendly feelings by offering you excellent customer service along with the best products the state of Louisiana has to offer.


The NolaCajun name is derived from where my wife and I were born and raised. I was born in New Orleans, LA (NOLA), and my wife was born in a small town south of Lafayette in the heart of Cajun land (Erath, LA). We are both proud of where we came from and love the food that we grew up eating.


The idea for NolaCajun.com was born in the grocery aisles of Houston, Texas. My wife and I moved from New Orleans to Houston in September 2005 and little did we know it would spark the idea of what NolaCajun.com is today. Our first trip to a Houston grocery was a shocking experience for a couple born and raised in Louisiana. We quickly realized we no longer had access to all the wonderful products that Louisiana has to offer which we took for granted our entire lives. We couldn’t run up to the store and pick up Central Grocery Olive Salad and Muffuletta Bread or a lemon Hubig Pie for dessert and a pound of Cafe du Monde (CDM) Coffee for the morning. We learned quickly how much we relied on products from Louisiana for our meals. My wife and I knew we weren’t the only ones missing a taste of home. Fast forward three years later and NolaCajun.com has evolved from an idea in a grocery store to what you see today, a collection of some of the best products from across the state of Louisiana. Thanks for shopping with us!