Richard's Hog Head Cheese

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Hog head cheese made by Richard's Cajun Foods is a great Cajun version of hog head cheese. The abundance of pork meat and Cajun spices mixed to creatine gelatine mold that is called hog head cheese.

Providing quality products and service has enabled Richard's (Ree-shards) Cajun Foods to grow from one route in 1981 to eleven in 2004. Richard's product lines include smoked sausage, boudin, pork and turkey tasso, pork hocks, hog head cheese and a complete line of prepared Cajun Favorites entrees. Richard's line of Cajun Favorites are Certified Cajun (a product of Louisiana) and include a complete line of authentic Cajun Favorites which include Gumbos, Etouffee, Jambalayas, and other specialty items. Richard's line of Cajun Favorites comes in entree form (no rice) and single serve (with rice).

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