Elmer's Chee-Wees

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Enjoy Elmer's Chee-Wees when you are in the mood for a light and crunchy snack. Chee-Wees are baked and not fried like most cheese curls so they contain 1/3 less fat. How can you argue with that?

In 1855, Christopher Miller settled in New Orleans and started the Miller Candy Company. After many successful years, Miller turned the company over to his son-in-law Augustus Elmer. Augustus changed the name to Elmer Miller Candy and moved to Magazine Street in New Orleans. Augustus' five sons invented a new product "the cheese curl". The curls, which were originally manufactured and sold as corn curls, were eventually flavored with cheese and became a very big seller for the company. In 1936, the sales manager for Elmer's, Morel M. Elmer, Sr., decided to hold a contest in New Orleans to give this successful product a name. The winning name Chee-Wees is still used today. In 1946, his son, Morel M. Elmer, Jr., decided to capitalize on the product's success. He started a new company which eventually was named, Elmer's Fine Foods. Elmer's Fine Foods are currently produced in New Orleans, LA.

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