Black and Gold Hair Tie Bracelet Football Accessories

Black and Gold Hair Tie Bracelet Football Accessories

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You have never experienced a love of collection of black and gold hair ties like this one. We have designed a now wider elastic with metallic prints to sparkle. This is Haybands' own custom designed, unique, and trademarked elastic design. Get excited, because your new wider, prettier, and more comfortable arm candy will have heads turning immediately when you walk into the party! Share with your best friends and wear them together to your next tailgate. Sold as a set of four hair ties, each game day can be worn with one, two or all four of your favorite black and gold Haybands accessories!

We are two Southern Louisiana girls filling the niche for fashion, hair care, and comfort. One of us is a bohemian visionary whose humble exterior expresses her individuality, while the other is poised, conventional, and keeps the business Zen in check. Shopping for new and fashionable accessories on the market was once a part time specialty in addition to studying wellness and occupational therapy in graduate school. As a result of jinxed anatomy, there was a change in school plans accompanied by a lot of down time. As the saying goes, all things happen for a reason. We could not be more firm believers of this phrase. The timing, consequences, new relationships, and experiences we have faced this past year have shaped who we are today as a brand. We started this small business in 2011 and have loved the response from stores, customers, and especially our local HayGirls.

Every piece of product you receive is hand made from start to finish. We individually pick colors of elastic, glitter or prints; cut, knot, or braid each hair tie or Haylo; and treat the tail ends of each item to prevent fraying. Haybands are comfortable for continuous wear and according to customer feedback, have decreased migraine symptoms. Haybands prevent ponytail creasing in your hair, and most importantly, they do not damage your hair like normal elastics.

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