Mam Papaul's Gumbo Mix with Roux

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Enjoy the great taste of Mam Papaul's Gumbo Bisque Mix for your next meal. All you have to do is add your favorite Cajun meats or seafood.

Gumbo, Louisiana's most famous dish, gets its name from the West African name for okra which is typically put into gumbos today to add flavor and act as a thickener. Gumbo is typically prepared in colder months of the year due to the heartiness and warmth gumbo produces. Just add your favorite Cajun meats or seafood to Mam Papaul's Gumbo Mix for an authentic Louisiana favorite. Mam Papaul's passion was cooking good food for her family and friends. She was, in reality, Mrs. Leopold Faucheaux ...but in typical Louisiana fashion, her name was shortened to "Mam Papaul".  Mam Papaul's is operated out of Hahnville, LA.

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