Turducken with Jalapeno Cornbread Dressing

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The moist cornbread stuffing includes generous pieces of jalapeno that adds a little kick but not too overpowering. We have taken traditional cornbread to a much higher level. The stuffing is also made with fresh eggs, cheese, onions, corn oil, milk, cornmeal and creamed corn. 

NolaCajun's Gourmet Turducken is not your typical discount supermarket Turducken. This is the Gourmet Turducken found in your local high end 'foodie' market. Our Gourmet Turducken is the combination of three different birds, a turkey, duck and a chicken, along with your choice of one of our homemade Cajun stuffings. Not only are our stuffings made from real Cajun recipes, but they are also made fresh the day the Turducken is put together so you can be assured you are receiving the freshest product possible. The turkey is the outside bird, with the duck and chicken inside. Our Gourmet Turducken will have all three birds skillfully deboned, leaving only the wing bones of the turkey. That's right even the legs have the bones removed and then stuffed. The different layers of meat are then separated by a layer of stuffing. This Turducken is truly unique and appropriately labeled a Gourmet Cajun creation. Because of the wonderful taste explosion and ease of preparation, turduckens are fast becoming a holiday tradition in most homes and we hope it will become a tradition of yours in the future.The weight of the NolaCajun Turducken is 15 to 16 lbs. and should feed approximately 20 to 30 hungry people. Cooking Instructions are included with the turducken. All poultry products are USDA inspected.

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