Cocktail & Sons Ginger Honey Syrup

Cocktail & Sons Ginger Honey Syrup

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It's a gorgeous union of two types of ginger - a classic ginger and the sharp citrus and pine note of galanga, or Thai ginger - blended with beautifully floral Louisiana honey and fresh lemon peels. It's a unique solution for any cocktail with a ginger or honey note like a classic Bee's Knees, Mule, or toddy.

Flavor profile:

  • fresh cut ginger
  • fresh Thai galanga
  • floral Louisiana honey
  • lemon peel


Cocktail & Sons is the brainchild of Max Messier - an award-winning bartender and spirits consultant based currently in New Orleans, LA. Over the course of six years, Max has produced a range of original and inventive syrups, cordials and tea concentrates for a variety of bars and restaurants in New York City, NY and New Orleans, LA. All of the syrups are produced with natural ingredients and real sugars - no additives, coloring agents or artificial additives - combined with original recipes concocted by Max plus each product was tested and approved by his bartender brethren across the United States of America.

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