New Orleans Classic Gumbo & Soups

New Orleans Classic Gumbo & Soups

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A good gumbo is held in the highest regard, and New Orleanians will gather anywhere and everywhere for a lunch or dinnertime gumbo or soup eaten from either fine china or a plastic bowl. Louisiana's multitude of traditional gumbos and soups are savory reflections of the region's cultural diversity and creativity. Most of these delicious concoctions were created in the home kitchen; however, through the decades, restaurant chefs have added vastly to the repertoire and refinement of these recipes.

New Orleans Classic Gumbos and Soups will make your taste buds sing and dance. These fifty recipes accompanied by beautiful photographs and musings play all of the notes. Variations on the theme are endless, much as every piece of improvisational jazz is a musical celebration all its own. Featured chefs and restaurants adding their own riffs to the traditional dish include John Folse, Frank Davis, Commander's Palace, Gautreau's, Arnaud's, Dakota, Dooky Chase, Antoine's, and many other friends and family from uptown, downtown, and back-of-town.

A guide to the unique tastes of New Orleans' world-renowned gumbos and soups. GOURMET MAGAZINE'S FEBRUARY 2009 COOKBOOK CLUB SELECTION. FEATURED ALTERNATE FOR THE GOOD COOK BOOK CLUB. Award-winning culinary enthusiast Kit Wohl continues her celebration of New Orleans style and taste with dozens of signature gumbo and soup recipes. From Arnaud's Oysters Stewed in Cream to Chef John Folse's Smoked Wood Duck and Andouille Gumbo, Wohl collects the secrets from the Crescent City's most famous restaurants and chefs, including Leah Chase, John Besh, and Kevin Vizard. From fish to fowl and broths to bisques, each recipe is accompanied by a New Orleans anecdote, a touch of history, and gorgeous photography.

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