New Orleans Roast Coffee - Bride's Cake

New Orleans Roast Coffee - Bride's Cake

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Did you know beignets were declared the official state doughnut of Louisiana in 1986?! Now you can experience an iconic New Orleans dessert flavor profile in your coffee.

New Orleans Roast is based in the coffee capital of the world. The history of coffee in Louisiana is rich and strong. Coffee first arrived in 1720 when French explorers introduced it to the City. Today, one third of all the coffee in North America lands first on the docks of the Crescent City. Savor a cup of coffee almost anywhere in North America and you'll taste New Orleans.

The New Orleans Roast team, lead by Roastmaster Felton Jones, encompasses over 70 years of combined experience in coffee roasting. We adhere closely to our tradition of quality, freshness and character only found in New Orleans.

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