Louisiana Original Hot Sauce

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The ORIGINAL Louisiana Hot Sauce uses long cayenne peppers which are aged for at least one year, like a fine wine. The ORIGINAL Louisiana Hot Sauce is great as a condiment on foods like adding a splash to a hamburger, or a dash on eggs. Try shaking it on some fries, sprinkle it into gumbo and red beans and rice, or rub on your favorite Cajun meats.

The ORIGINAL Louisiana Hot Sauce, from Bruce Foods in New Iberia, LA is the original cayenne pepper sauce of Louisiana, with an eighty year reputation for quality and perfection. The ORIGINAL Louisiana Hot Sauce brand now uses the word ORIGINAL in its name, along with the famous Red Dot on the label. What makes the Brand so special is the fact that it continues to use the time-honored techniques that have distinguished Cajun cooking since the Acadian settlers first arrived in Louisiana in 1755.

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