River Road Coffees Decaf Medium-Dark Roast

River Road Coffees Decaf Medium-Dark Roast

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Created from high-grown South American beans and roasted to a dark-brown color.

Stanislaus and Marie Melancon began every day with a hot and steamy cup of coffee. Mrs. Melancon, known as “Mam Laus” by customers and friends, made sure everyone in the house enjoyed a perfect cup of coffee everyday. One morning, as they were enjoying some of their own quality brew, an idea occurred to the Melancons. They realized the power of family and friends coming together to share special times over a great cup of coffee, and that they had the ability to provide this experience for folks all over town. Soon, the couple and their small country coffee shop became a local tradition for good times and great coffee.

Mr. “Laus” carried a cup of his favorite dark roast, known as “strong brew,” around with him as he went about his daily duties. Mrs. Melancon preferred a fresh morning cup of a smooth medium roast. Many years have gone by since this couple planted the beans of River Road Coffees, and now new generations of the Melancon family are capturing the authentic coffee Southern Louisianans have grown to love.

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