The 100 Greatest Cajun Recipes

The 100 Greatest Cajun Recipes

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Chef Jude W. Theriot shares his list of core recipes that define the soul of Cajun cooking. Along the way he shares secrets, hints, and personal asides in his lagniappe sections. These helpful sections include freezer suggestions and, as in the case of Pain Perdu, explain how the dish got its origin.

In recounting the history of the Cajuns from their Canadian beginnings through their migration south to Louisiana, Theriot conveys the spirit and resolve of a proud community. To know this spirit is to know what drives them to cook with such passion. The fertile land and the abundant waterways of their new surroundings yielded all the fresh ingredients needed to transform everyday meals into extraordinary feasts, feasts Chef Theriot now helps you create.

Trained as a French chef and a specialist in Cajun cuisine, Chef Jude W. Theriot is a member and past president of the International Association of Culinary Professionals. He resides in Lake Charles, Louisiana, with his wife, Deborah, and is the author of six other cookbooks: La Cuisine Cajun, La Meilleure de la Louisiane: The Best of Louisiana, New American Light Cuisine, Cajun Quick, Cajun Low-Carb, and Cajun Healthy, all published by Pelican.

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