Savoie's Tasso

Savoie's Pork Tasso

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If you are wondering what tasso is, then you need to try it to understand how good it is. It is a dried smoked pork product spiced with Cajun seasonings. It used to be very similar to a beef jerky but has developed into more of a meat popular in many dishes in south Louisiana due to the flavor it produces when cooked. Savoie's makes a fine tasso that would be a great addition to red beans and rice.

In 1949, Savoie's started as a little country store, Savoie's Grocery, run by Tom and Eula Savoie on Highway 742 in Opelousas, LA. Today, Savoie's is located along Bayou Little Teche in rural St. Landry Parish and offers a variety of Cajun meats, rouxs, and Cajun entrees.

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